Yvo Weidmann

As Geomatics and Software Engineer he develops solutions in the fields of GIS, Database and Software Engineering.

Using the programming languages VB, C# and Python customizing ArcGIS is the main focus. The developing of (Geo-)Databases with ArcGIS (File Geodatabase, Personal Geodatabase and SDE), Oracle, SQLServer and PostgreSQL / PostGIS is mainly used as data-storage in all different kind of projects. But also C++ and programming cartographic tools for Adobe Illustrator can be provided.

Manuchehr Bako-Zade

As GIS Analyst he provides GIS-Services for projects in Tajikistan. Using the software platforms ArcGIS and Quantum GIS he provides the capturing, handling and analysis of geographical data for a wide range of projects. Fluent in Tajik, Russian and English language he acts as an integrative part within multinational projects. With his profound knowledge of IT-Administration he also provides services maintaining the office and field infrastructure.

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