SCOPES workshop in Bishkek

Between October 23 and October 26 2012 the SCOPES workshop 2012 was held at the University of Central Asia (UCA) in Bishkek. Main topic of the workshop was within the scope of Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Following universities and organizations were participating:

In cooperation with the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), GeoIdee was designing and holding most of the lectures and exercises.

First approach of an ER model for soil sampling developed during the workshop
ER model for soil sampling

The following topics were covered during the workshop:

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Basics and concepts defining a SDI; institutional and technical approaches; possible levels of implementations.
Quantum GIS Current stable version of Quantum GIS; new and useful plugins; hands-on training.
Data modeling Principals of Entity Relationship (ER) Models; advantages and disadvantages of database approaches; examples and developing of data models based on own datasets.
Coordinate systems Introduction into the EPSG database as reference for most of the coordinate reference systems in use; implementation of the EPSG database in ArcGIS and QGIS.
Meta data Definition of meta data; standards used; tools for capturing and maintaining of meta data; retrieving information from data catalogues on the web.
Web services Introducing to the different dialects of OGC web services such as WMS, WFS, WCS and CSW; accessing services through GIS desktop applications.
Open Street Map (OSM) Concept of crowdsourcing projects; main differences of the data structure between OSMand GIS; concept of collaborative workflows; hands-on training in simultaneously data capturing.

For all participants, and lecturer, the four days of workshop were very intense and successful. The program tried to cover a few specific topics of Spatial Data Infrastructure in relation with the specific needs in the Central Asian context.

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