Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • GIS application development for Swiss National Boundaries:
    The National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NDSI) of Switzerland operated by the Federal Office of Topography swisstopo is one of the most advanced spatial data infrastructure worldwide. Famous for the high quality of topographical maps swisstopo is the leading institution in Switzerland regarding spatial data and cartography.
    Additionally swisstopo is responsible for many official data layers of Switzerland. The dataset of the National Boundaries is one of those dataset.
    To manage and to maintain this dataset a special application based on ArcGIS 10 written in C# has to be developed. The application has to be integrated in the extensive GIS environment of swisstopo called TOPGIS.
    Project is carried out under WaterGISWeb Inc.
  • Migration of GEODAT-Tools for ArcGIS 10:
    The application GEODAT-Tools which is written in C# and which is available as extension for ArcGIS has to be migrated to the newest version of ArcGIS 10. This migration also includes the migration to the newest .NET framework which provides many new features to be integrated. Additionally the application should be integrated into the new AddIn concept of ArcGIS.
    This project is done for WaterGisWeb Ltd. (Berne / Switzerland)
  • EventTransfer:
    Developing of a transformation tool for linear events on route systems in ArcGIS. The tool enables the user to transform point and line events along routes between different route systems.
    This project is done for WaterGisWeb Ltd. (Berne / Switzerland).
  • GEODAT-Tools:
    Maintaining and further development for an ArcGIS-Extension written in C#. This extension allows the user to search for geographical features, printing maps in standard formats and explore dataset within the table of content of ArcMap.
    This project is done for WaterGisWeb Ltd. (Berne / Switzerland).
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