Geodata of Tajikistan as WebServices (WFS and WMS)

Web services allows the simple distribution of (geo-)data using OGC standards. Geodata distributed as as WebFeatureService (WFS), WebMapService (WMS), WebCoverageService (WCS) and KeyholeMarkupLanguage (KML) alows the user to integrate the data directly in all different kind of GIS software products (such as ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, gvSIG, … and even GoogleEarth) without having the data locally stored.

GeoIdee GeoServer Main Page

This page allows you the access to the all the resources provided by the GeoServer you need to implement the available data into your GIS project:

This includes:

How to integrate data in a GIS software

Some descriptions how to integrate the available web services in GIS software:


Data loaded as WFS or WMS in different desktop GIS products (click in image to enlarge):

Topographical map 1:500'000 in GoogleEarth Topographical map 1:50'000 in GoogleEarth
Vectorized roads in QuantumGIS symolized
regarding road type
Group layer with vectorized features of the
topographical map 1:200'000 in ArcGIS

Additionally to the use of the services within desktop GIS products, the available web services can be integrated directly in web-map products such as MapServer or others.

Data available

All the data are available on the GeoIdee GeoServer Main Page.

Following service capabilities (GetCapabilities) are available:

Simple layer description

Name of Layer Description SRS1)
Political boundaries
Tajikistan:Republic Boundary of Tajikistan (Source: GADM) 4326
Tajikistan:Oblast Oblast boundaries (Source: GADM) 4326
Tajikistan:Rayon Rayon boundaries (Source: GADM) 4326
Tajikistan:Jamoat Jamoat boundaries (Source: GADM) 4326
Topographical maps
Index of the Russian map sheets
Tajikistan:PM050kIndex Index of Russian 1:50'000 map sheets 4024
Tajikistan:PM100kIndex Index of Russian 1:100'000 map sheets 4024
Tajikistan:PM200kIndex Index of Russian 1:200'000 map sheets 4024
Tajikistan:PM500kIndex Index of Russian 1:500'000 map sheets 4024
Scanned Russian topographical maps
Tajikistan:PM050k Scanned Russian topographical maps 1:50'000 4024
Tajikistan:PM100k Scanned Russian topographical maps 1:100'000 4024
Tajikistan:PM200k Scanned Russian topographical maps 1:200'000 4024
Tajikistan:PM500k Scanned Russian topographical maps 1:500'000 4024
Vectorized Russian topographical maps 1:200'000
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Annotation_P Map annotations of different features 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Building_A Major buildings 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Contour_L Contour lines 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Elevation_P Individual reference heights 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Rail_L Railway lines 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_River_L Rivers and streams 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Road_L Major roads, roads and tracks 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Settlement_A Outline of settlements 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Symbol_L Line based cartographic symbols 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Symbol_P Point based cartographic symbols 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Utility_L Infrastructure such as electrical lines 28472
Tajikistan:Vec200k_Lake_A Lakes and wide rivers 28472
Tajikistan:Watershed_A Major watersheds of Tajikistan 28472
Group layers
Boundaries Group layer of political boundaries 4326
PMIndex Group layer of map index 4024
Vec200k Group layer with simplified 1:200'000 topographical map 28472

Further resources of geodata


Date Description
26.10.2010 Opening Discussion Forum.
27.10.2010 Including SRS in table of available layers.
08.11.2010 Scanned Russian topographical maps Tajikistan:PM200k and Tajikistan:PM100k are available now.
10.11.2010 Scanned Russian topographical maps Tajikistan:PM050k are available now.
1) As SRS-ID the EPSG-Code is used.
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