Presentation at Sharing Geospatial Data 2013 in Berne

At the Sharing Geospatial Data 2013 workshop a presentation about the Challenges of sharing geospatial data in the Central Asian context was held by GeoIdee. The presentation summarizes lessons-learned regarding sharing geoinformation out from a numerous projects in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.


Sharing geospatial information in the context of development work is a key factor for a sustainable knowledge management and further project implementations. After the independency of Tajikistan from the former Soviet Union and the civil war a numerous amount of international organizations started working in the country. After the first years of emergency assistance the focus changed to implementing projects in various fields. A significant amount of projects are focused on natural resource, integrative watershed or disaster risk management. All this projects have a high demand on geospatial data.

But even after 15 years of implementing projects by international donors the sharing of geospatial data is still almost inexistent.

Several attempts to implement basic and accessible Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) failed or are due to the institutional framework inaccessible. Most of the projects are dealing with identical challenges (e.g. coordinate system transformations, base maps and topographical information, …). But almost non exchange of data or knowledge between the organization is existing. Elaborated knowledge is in most case not or only hardly accessible and the loss of this information is often related to the high fluctuation of national and international staff.

Why is this the case? What are the driving factors for such kind of loss of information? What are the main reasons for this situation? Based on the best-practices to build, run and maintain SDI's and experiences from a numerous projects, several factors and key parameters were identified as important factors: The institutional framework and policies of national and international organizations, the staffing policy, project and financing framework and technical potential have a large influence on the not-existence of an operating sharing infrastructure. The presentation will try to analyze the different factors and to identify the relations and dependencies between them.


2013/11/12 00:00 · Yvo Weidmann

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